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Pateikta: 2013-10-04 15:42 (atnaujinta: 2015-03-05 14:13)

A bit of our history


In 1983, there was opened Kretinga Nursery – kindergarten „Buratinas“.

In 1992, nursery – kindergarten „Buratinas“ was transformed into Kretinga children rehabilitation centre – school.

In 1994 as the title – becoming Kretinga school – kindergarten „Kretinga district children educational centre“, in 2005 the title changed into „Kretinga children educational centre“.

In 2009, September the 1 st, - a new phase of school life – increasing the number of primary classes from „Jurgis Pabreza“gymnasium“.

In 2012, the school adapted the Maria Tiskeviciute name, as the title becoming „Kretinga Marija Tiskeviciute school „.



How to find us:

Address: Savanoriu st.58, Lt-97114, Kretinga

Telephone/ Fax: 8(445) 78987

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